JW Show 220: Announcements, Birthdays and One Takes

Jan 23, 2014 by

We’re announcing The Justin Wayne Show’s Birthday Bash on today’s show (happening Feb 1st) as well as talking more about our upcoming “One Takes” releases and plenty more. You’ll hear music from Samantha PreisVitneBrendan MorrisThe VincentsChalkShell Shock Lullaby and more.


Shell Shock Lullaby from Butte, Montana


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Good News Good News Samantha Preis
Nasty Habit Neon Vitne
Girl I Think I’m in Love (live) Brendan Morris Live Brendan Morris
Make You Scream The Best I Can Be EP Bobbie Morrone
Asked Her to the Dance Asked Her to the Dance (single) The Vincents
Next to Useless Chalk Chalk
Lavender Lavender Mutant Vinyl
Five Alarm Wet Wood The Ghost in You
Shades of Grey Shades of Grey – Single Shell Shock Lullaby
Ocean Passage Can You Hear The Silence? Cinemawave
Stars Veils Raya
When We Melodize Volcanoes Volcanoes
The Best I Can Be The Best I Can Be EP Bobbie Morrone
Neutrinos Alien Canyons Roaming Herds of Buffalo
Bein’ in Love The Fish Don’t Mind Skeletons with Flesh on Them
EraseHer Later Days Asthmaboy
I Will Let You Down (Mars) Wanderers Asthmaboy
Weight of the World Ulysses Goh Nakamura
Ten Goodbyes Lost in the Waiting – EP Tim Atlas


See you next week – back with more independent music!

~JW and CR