JW Show 218: New Year. New Digs. New Music.

Jan 7, 2014 by

Our first episode back and we filled it with silliness, talked about our new digs at Main Street Studios , got really excited for our upcoming musical productions “One Takes” and even did a bit of beatboxing. You can learn how too! Most importantly, we featured music from Tim AtlasStoll VaughanRooftop HideoutAntoinesJingoAlex Highton and plenty more.


We also announce the winner of the 2013 Top Ten voted by YOU, and thus the Song of the Year for 2013 on The Justin Wayne Show: “We are Liars” by Laura Marie. We interviewed her last year too, check out that interview as we all fell in love with her when she was here.

Also if you’d like, check out The Mal Webb onesheet of beatboxing phrases . If you’re even more interested,here’s the NPR original article that had the video of Dub FX doing the beatboxing words , and I’ll stick his video at the bottom.


Laura Marie with her writing and production partner, Jake Owen (photo by Kimberly Scott Creative)


The Playlist and Artist Links

Title Album Artist
Settled in the Sound Lost in the Waiting – EP Tim Atlas
Meet You In The Middle The Muse Stoll Vaughan
Someday Apart Rooftop Hideout Rooftop Hideout
You Champagne House Champagne House
Is It Too Late This Is The End Of The Rock And Roll Antoines
Same Without You Same Without You – single Jingo
Hip With The Kids Woodditton Wives Club Alex Highton
Ten Goodbyes Lost in the Waiting – EP Tim Atlas
Lavender Lavender Mutant Vinyl
Makes No Sense Makes No Sense – single Nancy Langton
Some Color Julia The Basement Tapes Julia and the Basement Tapes
Home Eyes For Gertrude Eyes For Gertrude
Our Trips to the Hills Coins – EP Kate Gratson
On Killing This Heart Nehedar
Gold Gold – single Casitas
Buffalo Roaming Herds of Buffalo Roaming Herds of Buffalo
Tired Of Workin’ Its A Free Country – EP Alex Blood and The Diggers
Perfectly Clear The Season Laura Marie
We Are Liars The Season Laura Marie
Before You Were Mine Director’s Notes Emily Wolfe

See you next week for our official premiere of The Justin Wayne Show at Main Street Studios!

~JW and CR

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