JW Show 215: The Movember Pledge

Nov 13, 2013 by

Aside from great new tunes from Hot Jam FactoryWiredStandard LampsGreta Svabo Bech and Liam Williams and The Oddfellers, you’ll hear me pledge my mustache for money, including a haircut if we get to $500 in our Movember campaign. Want to support men’s cancer research? Pop over to my Movember page and you can find out a bit more about why we’re doing this and how to donate over at mobro.co/waynevember.


Greta Svabo Bech’s song ‘Broken Bones’ is our favourite track this week!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Past the Main Strip Introducing Hot Jam Factory Hot Jam Factory
Hard Times Hard Times single Wired
Living With Mum And Dad Living With Mum And Dad (Single) Standard Lamps
Broken Bones Broken Bones Greta Svabo Bech
Haul Haul Liam Williams and The Oddfellers
Oh, My Desperate Soul Be Brave Auditorium
Grey’s Not Easy Within the Shifting Shade Bekah Kelso
Introverts Introverts The Mojo Fins
Dress To Kill Waves EP Charly Coombes and the New Breed
The Haunting The Haunting – Single BetaCivilian
Don’t Let Life Get You Down It’s Boring Being In Control Jon Byrne
Send The Waves Free Music Feature The Winter Tradition
Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell single Jonus Preston
Telepathy Secrets Nobody Keeps Jon Gomm
Broken Mastering the Art of Self Preservation One Day Elliott
The Poet and the Lullabye Blindsider The Manic Shine
The Future Can You Hear The Silence? Cinemawave
Served Cold Served Cold new single Van Susans
Don’t Call Me Out Cortes Cortes
House This Wicked Tongue This Wicked Tongue


See you next week with more great music.

~JW and CR