JW Show 214: Movember 2013 Begins

Nov 6, 2013 by

This week’s show reveals the song and artist who won October’s Top Ten, what Claire will be doing as penalty for losing, and plenty of new music to sink your teeth into. Movember has begun, and so we’ll talk about that and if you’d like to contribute to our team already, head on over to our Movember team page. Us moustache wearing men will be raising awareness for men’s cancer.




Hear The Deadline Shakes’ new single “Bright Spot in a Bad Year” on this week’s show.


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Life Without You A Darker Trace Lydia Baylis
Breathe In Breathe Out Uncovered Singleton
Bright Spot in a Bad Year Bright Spot in a Bad Year (single) The Deadline Shakes
EraseHer Later Days Asthmaboy
Michelle Underdog Blake Noble
Are We Lost Are We Lost EP Morain
I Still Get That Feeling Life Blood Soul Danny Toeman
My Baby Cry One Step Closer EP Lauren Housley
Planet Radio Futuristic Funk Fudge and the Frequency
This New Day This New Day The Undivided
Overexposure Overexposure single Harrison
Lilo Lilo – Single Johnny Lucas
Dizzy Just a Little – EP Richard James
A Scene of Plenty A Scene of Plenty Keston Cobblers Club
Flightless Bird Flightless Bird Scott Barkan
Lullaby Prince Charming The B Side
Perfectly Clear The Season Laura Marie
When She Sings Animal Fair EP Little Brother Eli
She’s My Food New For You The Little Philistines
I’m Calming Down Oh The Places You’ll Go Lights Out Dancing


Next week we’ll have news about Main Street Studio’s big opening weekend, among more great #realindie music. ~JW