JW Show 213: Jingo, Daylight Savings and Claire Finally Turns Up

Oct 29, 2013 by

I shouldn’t joke, I was the one who forgot about the three week period twice a year where the UK and the USA are one hour closer together because of differing dates of daylight savings. My apologies to Claire who ended up being an hour late to the show because of it. However, we found some great tunes to play from The Boston Boys,JOANovARCSolveig and StevieEasy LoverStoll Vaughan and more. Our Free Music Feature this week is “Girl” by Casitas and our special guests are Jack and Katie from the NYC/London band Jingo.


Jack and Katie of Jingo join us this week (they’re on the left.)


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Satisfied Keep You Satisfied The Boston Boys
Stars Stars single JOANovARC
Zombie Lover Zombie Lover Solveig and Stevie
Torture Garden Always Follow Your Heart Mark Hole
The End of Our Deceit The Night We Breathe Easy Lover
Weatherman The Weatherman Stoll Vaughan
Girl Stamen & Stigma Casitas
Apollo Thirteen Into Your Atmosphere Seth Freeman
Catch Your Breath The Remedy Keyser Soze
Sinking One of the Same Kind – EP Alex Gregory
Sun Sun single Holden Girls
Monotone Here Tomorrow Gone Today Prince Perry
Hanging Johnny Away Boys, Away The Deadly Winters
Hell For Leather Album 2 Demos Billy Vincent
Halloween Halloween single Kotki Dwa
Sons And Daughters (Feat. Liz Lawrence) Sons And Daugthers Allman Brown
Molded Chrome Molded Chrome The Nature of Ghosts
Interview with Jack and Katie of Jingo
Jaclyn Jingo Jingo
Black Flowers Jingo Jingo


See you next week,

~JW and CR