JW Show 212: Music, Joints and Videogames

Oct 23, 2013 by

Claire and I got the banter going this week and included some great new music from the likes of H.M. HammarinNatasha NorthIrvineJadea Kelly and plenty more. We even hinted at the upcoming Discovery 2 gig where one of my favs is stopping by, Little Brother Eli.


Little Brother Eli will be joining us at the next Discovery 2 on Halloween Night!


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Heartbeats Science & Magic Andrew Foster
Highs and Lows Sopris Sopris
Lone Wolf Clover Jadea Kelly
Relapse Natasha North Natasha North
Living a Lie H.M. Hammarin H.M. Hammarin
The Chase Irvine Irvine
Reflections Free Music Feature Ideals
The Man Who Chronic City Chronic City featuring Florian Horwath
Maps Handmade Fitz.
Ghost Ghost EP Luke Wylde and the Japes!
The Rest The Flat and Paper Sky Vol. I Feldspar
Secrets untold Natasha North Natasha North
Lie About the Truth (live) Live After Dinner with Justin Wayne Calvin Roche, Josh Rigal
The Hateful Mob The Hateful Mob single Sebastopol
If I Succeed Paused In The Moment Van Susans
My White Room Versus Florida Room Florida Room
Animal Fair Animal Fair EP Little Brother Eli


See you next week with even more great music and special guest Jingo!