JW Show 211: Campbell Davis, Jim VanCleve and Holidays

Oct 16, 2013 by

This week’s show included some great new tunes and a local Walla Walla artist who’s already recorded in Nashville at 16. Campbell Davis joins us along with his producer Jim VanCleve imported direct from Nashville to finish tracking his second album.  We’ll share a sneak peak of it as well as a frank discussion about where Campbell is in his career and where he’s headed.


Campbell Davis and Jim VanCleve, with me in the middle!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
You’re not her The Click Lint Gannon
Jaclyn Jaclyn free single on Soundcloud Jingo
Love Transfusion Love Transfusion single Sonya Titus
Beasts Beasts Common Tongues
Found Found The Daydream Club
Dirty Town OneGirlOneBoy OneGirlOneBoy
Give Me Lego Demo E.P Cry Baby Aeroplanes
House Provinces EP This Wicked Tongue
This New Day This New Day The Undivided
Tides and Telegrams Gradients The Winter Tradition
Fear Miccoli Miccoli
Disconnected (acoustic mix) Disconnected (acoustic) Jazz Morley
Interview with Campbell Davisand Jim VanCleve
Howl at the Moon Howl at the Moon Campbell Davis
Final State Two is a Crowd. Isaac’s Aircraft
Your Freedom Not Turning Back EP Dirty Proper
I’d Like To Remain a Mystery I’d Like To Remain A Mystery The Glass Child
Beards Beards Junebug


Next week it’ll just be great music, see you again.

~JW and CR


  1. lint

    Hey guys. Just found that you played one of my tunes. My humblest Thank you for your kind words and the shout out.

  2. Thank you Campbell! Glad to see you’re doing so well and playing around town.