JW Show 210: Driftwood, Philip Foxley, Helghyer and more

Oct 9, 2013 by

This week we found a great free tune that’s no longer free from Miccoli, a new artist who’s read the RealFeel bible called Driftwood, and newbies Audience Killers, Philip FoxleyHoly Shadow and Helghyer join the ranks of great independent artists who have been featured on our show.


I even let Claire get a word in edgewise this week, what a change!


Driftwood raised over $20k on a recent Kickstarter to finish their next release. Congrats guys!


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Two Bare Feet Audience Killers Audience Killers
Promises Philip Foxley Philip Foxley
Wanting To Die In Boston, Massachusetts Timekeeper Blues Holy Shadow
A Rock & Roll Heart A Rock & Roll Heart Driftwood
Broken the Spell The Mage, The Wiseman and The Lioness: Part 1 Helghyer
Borderline Rise Up The Sun EP Dancing Years
Idle Stranger Miccoli Miccoli
This is England London Eye EP Frank Hamilton
Maps Maps Fitz.
Day Job Vampire Hotel Chris Kirby
Underground 39 Summers Hot Breakfast!
The Breeding Lady Kill or Cure Alice Rock
Always Follow Your Heart Always Follow Your Heart** Mark Hole
Empty Out Your Mind Empty Out Your Mind Myloe
Wasted OneGirlOneBoy OneGirlOneBoy
Tin Crown Kings Let Go or Be Dragged The Manic Shine
Run in the Front Small Steps Heavy Hooves Dear and the Headlights
Jimme’s Song (Full Band Version) Listen Emanuel and the Fear
Dance On The Record Grooves Director’s Notes Emily Wolfe
Musicians Musicians single Gold Motel


See you next time with an interview and sneak preview of Campbell Davis’ new album, along with Nashville producer and amazing guy extraordinaire Jim VanCleve!

~JW and CR