JW Show 208: The Undivided and Unification

Sep 25, 2013 by

This week’s show features brand new submissions – kindly fielded by our now proper Music Director Claire Rozario – which includes SherpaDog SocietyTom Rosenthal and Fronz Arp. Our special guests this week are Joe, Lewis and Rhyd from The Undivided and they shared interesting insight into how this new single This New Day and their new album came about. We also made them swear in Welsh and they let us in on how the Welsh music scene has treated them over the five years they’ve been a band.


The Undivided’s new single This New Day is available for FREE for a short time!


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Love Film Sherpa Sherpa
Salt EMERGE Dog Society
Safety Feat. Just Harrie Safety The Undivided
Ian Ian single Tom Rosenthal
Designer Children Fronz Arp Fronz Arp
Did Your Heart Shake Like This Song? Nights Worth Living – EP Auditorium
Home Sweet Home Sample Answer Sample Answer
The Collision The Collision single Sample Answer
Here’s To My Old Friends Dancing Years Dancing Years
Stepping Stones Paused In The Moment Van Susans
Magic Slim vs. Dynamite SINGLE Sean Hayes
Interview with Joe, Lewis and Rhyd of The Undivided
Victim Of The System Safety The Undivided
This New Day This New Day single The Undivided


We’ll see you next week with guests…?