JW Show 207: The Artist Community Launches

Sep 18, 2013 by

This week’s show foretells of another artist we’ve played on the show many times – Sean Hayes – coming to Walla Walla at the Power House Theatre this Saturday. We’ve also got a few announcements including the first whispers of the Artist Community here at The Justin Wayne Show, and as usual, piles of real independent music.

My sincere apologies as I seem to have managed to have recorded this week’s show in mono and overmodulated everything just a bit. I’ll have that fixed for next week! -JW

Sean Hayes plays the Power House Theatre Saturday, September 21st


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Magic Slim vs. Dynamite Magic Slim vs. Dynamite single Sean Hayes
Down South Making My Mark Annika Chambers
Shadows (Radio Edit) Shadows (Single) Grand Cru
Geography Lizzie Davis Lizzie Davis
Jaded Edges Jaded Edges The Savage Nomads
Sinking One of the Same Kind – EP Alex Gregory
Rag and Bone Eyes For Gertrude Eyes For Gertrude
My Love On Our Side Erland
Oxygen Thief Independence (A Lack Of) MassMatiks
The Man Who Chronic City Chronic City featuring Florian Horwath
Mothership Mothership EP The Moving
My Life Jessica Harwood Jessica Harwood
Panic Safety The Undivided
Calling All Cars Big Black Hole And The Little Baby Star Sean Hayes
Sons And Daughters (Feat. Liz Lawrence) Sons And Daugthers Allman Brown
Better Off Before An Hour to Anywhere Melic
Adored The Thespians The Thespians
Projectile Tears Eye Can See You Vinyl Staircase
Digital Accordian The Lovely Eggs The Lovely Eggs
Bitter Love Almanac The Nadas
Minnesota Son Take A Stand Pepper And Shepherd


See you next week with the boys of The Undivided!