JW Show 205: Cody Beebe and Justin Rants about Pandora

Sep 4, 2013 by

Cody Beebe pulled over onto the side of the road in northern Washington to join us via phone for a chat. I wanted to catch up with him before they came down to play Walla Walla on Friday (at Three Rivers Winery, get your tickets here.) We played a few of their tunes, spoke about being an independent band, touring over much of the year away from their loved ones, and making some great rockin’ music.


Claire also pulled a bunch of great songs from the submission inbox this week and I pulled out my soapbox for a proper go at Pandora, Spotify, and these other streaming music companies who are reinvesting profits instead of paying the artists – who’s music is making them rich.


Cody Beebe and the Crooks have a great album out now. It’s called “Out Here.” Go get it.


The Playlist

Artist Title Album
Burning Condors Judgement Polka Dot Girl / Judgement
Thieves In The Palace This Great Distance This Great Distance
Yossarian Thirteen Point Eight The Little We Know
Scott Barkan Flightless Bird Flightless Bird
Billy Vincent Hell For Leather Album 2 Demos
MonaLisa Twins When We’re Together When We’re Together
Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs Don’t Wanna GIRL
Blake Noble ft. Cody Beebe Truck Underdog
Mark Hole Rediscovered Always Follow Your Heart
The B Side So Close Prince Charming
Marian Call I’ll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it’s Chic (the Nerd Anthem) Got to Fly
Wily Bo Walker Castle of Clay / Forty Days (Reprise) Castle of Clay / Forty Days (Reprise)
Valente The Distant Lights
Interview with Cody BeeBe from Cody BeeBe and the Crooks
Anna Sweeney Catch 22 Oh Gosh Darnit EP
Dylan Lock Killer and Sin Lockstar
Titty Bingo Little Angel Live At Pedernales


See you next week with our special live guest, Bekah Kelso!