JW Show 204: Jon Gomm and September’s Top Ten

Aug 28, 2013 by

Claire and I finally busted out another Top Ten, having taken a short and well deserved lie-in for the month of August. You’ll hear all ten on this show – don’t forget to vote (click here)Jon Gomm also joined us recently live on the show to talk about his upcoming UK tour, his upcoming album Secrets that Nobody Keeps,  and we even made him use a bad word.


If you pledge even 8 quid, you can get Jon Gomm’s new album Secrets Nobody Keeps before it’s released!


The Playlist

Artist Title Album
The Rain King Walking Away 4th of July
Matt Stevens Spencer Park (Live) Parks EP
Asthmaboy I Will Let You Down (Mars) Wanderers
Allman Brown Sons And Daughters (Feat. Liz Lawrence) Sons And Daugthers
Pepper And Shepherd The Crow Kings On The Rye Master
Johnny Lucas Lilo Lilo – Single
Melic Better Off Before An Hour to Anywhere
The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse Danger Danger Squawk!
Tom Law Never Met You (Acoustic Production) Never Met You (Acoustic Production)
Van Susans Stepping Stones Paused in the Moment
Stella Star Pressure Pressure single
Valente The Distant Lights
Interview with Jon Gomm
Jon Gomm Passionflower The Domestic Science Singles Series
Jon Gomm Ain’t Nobody the Domestic Science singles series
Jon Gomm Telepathy Secrets Nobody Keeps


See you next time with Cody Beebe from Cody Beebe and the Crooks!