JW Show 202: Johnny Lucas and the Top Ten Moves

Aug 14, 2013 by

Johnny Lucas  joins us today as our guest and helps us present some great independent music from Crista LynnOld EarthJD WeaverAllman BrownWORLD5 and more.


Johnny Lucas’ new single “Lilo” drops 22nd of August! (Photo by Sarahphotogirl)

On the eve of a splashmob for his upcoming single LiloJohnny Lucas joined us to talk about how he went from winning The Next Big Thing to hitting the Cannes Film Festival riding a floating armchair – also known as a lilo. Johnny shared how he’s built his team and even shared a few gear secrets he includes in his one-man, loop pedal act. He told us how we can eat delicious peri-peri chicken just like him (here’s the recipe), what it was like playing for the troops in Afghanistan, about messing with the folks at Cannes, and he’ll even share what’s in store for the future.

Head over to the full interview page for more information about Johnny including links, videos and the interview all by itself that you’re encouraged to share, tweet, post and heck, even enjoy yourself!

OOh, I almost forgot. Our monthly JW Top Ten will have it’s own post and podcast and you’ll get it on the regular feed. I’ll come out before Friday, keep an ear out.


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Lie To Me EP Crista Lynn
Less Words Less Words (from a low place at The Old Place) Old Earth
On A Day Like This Ripping Off the Label (Demo) JD Weaver
Sons And Daughters (Feat. Liz Lawrence) Sons And Daugthers Allman Brown
Man Of Action Man of Action (Single) WORLD5
Don’t Let Me Down Feel Something Charlie Clark
Think Of Something The Del Zorros The Del Zorros
The Crow Kings On The Rye Master Pepper And Shepherd
Danger Danger Squawk! The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse
I Will Let You Down (Mars) Wanderers Asthmaboy
Interview with Johnny Lucas
It Keeps Me Alive Attention Johnny Lucas
Lilo Lilo – Single Johnny Lucas
Bright Red Chords Nagasha Loomis and the Lust
You Say Chasing Ghosts Morning Fuzz


See you next week with Sonya Titus and more great tunes.