JW Show 201: The Brothers’ Melic and Claire Loses

Aug 9, 2013 by

Among brand new music from the likes of Acousma, The Victory Kicks and The Great American Robber Barons, we’ve got verbal abuse from Claire and brother Mark and Steve from Melic join us to talk about their brand new album, An Hour To Anywhere which was just released on Monday. It’s a great show, you’ll hear me push the wrong buttons as usual but as Claire’s organizational skills have prevailed, the show came out very good indeed.


Get Melic’s brand new album “An Hour To Anywhere” right now, it’s fantastic!


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Oh Miss Deceiver Garston Parade (Deluxe Edition) The Vietnams
Road to Nowhere Acousma Acousma
Follow (So Sick) Never Take Back Edewaard
I Know You Just Don’t Want Me Anymore The Great American Robber Barons
January Man January Man – Single Victory Kicks
She’s So Depressed Live From Long Haired Music The Breakfast Club
Now Sonya Titus Sonya Titus
Passionflower The Domestic Science Singles Series Jon Gomm
Grey’s Not Easy Within the Shifting Shade Bekah Kelso
Now Sonya Titus Sonya Titus
Interview Mark and Steve from the London rock four-piece Melic New album is out now: An Hour to Anywhere Melic
Better Off Before An Hour to Anywhere Melic
Ting Tong An Hour to Anywhere Melic
Nowhere I’d Rather Be An Hour to Anywhere Melic
The Justin Wayne Show Interviews The Merchant of Venice Director and Members of Cast Interviews Justin Wayne / Tiger Reel / Jack Young / Amelia Fisher / Nicole Im


See you next week with our August Top Ten and Claire will be making fun of me as usual!