JW Show 200: The Many Musics of Michael Harren

Aug 1, 2013 by

Michael Harren is involved in many musics (no, I’ve not misspelled, I’ve done that on purpose). As a singer/songwriter, actor, band member and music podcaster, “Mikeypod” as he’s known in the podcasting world can just about do it all.  He’s just self-released his first single and is preparing to tour with comedienne Sandra Bernhard, accompanying her on-stage during some of her more musical portions of the show.

He joins us today to talk about all of this and more, and as a podcaster and radio personality in his own right we invited him to chat along with us for the whole show.


Michael Harren (Mikeypod) performing his Tentative Armor set


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
What Will Happen To All the Indie Stars The Nitro EP Irontom
Country Singles Country Singles The Grisly Hand
Your Biography Off You Go Gladiola
Lilo Lilo – Single Johnny Lucas
Mr. Niceguy Never Take Back Edewaard
Ledge Wings Max Campbell
St Paul’s Anthem Free Download from their Soundcloud! Laid Blak
In Retrospect Ripping Off The Label (Demo) JD Weaver
Silent Tears Solo Sessions The Nikhil Korula Band
Plans We Could Be Scenery Van Susans
He Was A Fighter An Hour to Anywhere Melic
Interview with Mr. Mikeypod Michael Harren
Mango (Live) Tentative Armor (live at Judson Church Aprl 17, 2013) Michael Harren
Sugar Coated World (demo) PlusHeartStar Compilation ATTACK.WAV
Go. Go. Michael Harren


See you next week with Melic (Johnny’s the following week, apologies to Mark and David from Melic!)