JW Show 199: Wee Willy’s Music and Previewing Discovery

Jun 26, 2013 by

Along with some great new music submissions this week we’ve got three guests. The first two are Abigail Schwerin and Michael Locati from Wee Willy’s Music Enterprise, a non-profit organization working to provide musical  instruments to the Walla Walla valley’s young people.  They’ve got their annual benefit festival, Rockin’ The Lowboy coming up this weekend, so we’ll hear about both the non-profit organization and the festival.

We’ve also got Umong Shah in from Discovery 2 talking about Thursday’s showcase featuring CourtsThe Meds CollectiveDanny Toeman and Exhibit L in west London’s AAA Club.




Title Album Artist
Stephen Hawking Ryan Flynn Ryan Flynn
Desert Welcome to Nowhere Messrs
Carla is a Tease Spring Formal EP The Aeons
Walk In Chinese Footsteps Walk In Chinese Footsteps Wily Bo Walker
Why Do I Wasteland Kings Wasteland Kings
(Come Count The) SHEEP (With Me) Sheep – Single SolBLoMMa
The Children Who Wear Socks On Their Heads A Scene of Plenty Keston Cobblers Club
Things I Do Live on Shoreditch Radio Frank Hamilton
It’s Your Birthday! The New Birthday Song Contest The Blank Tapes
Plans We Could Be Scenery Van Susans
Buffalo Roaming Herds of Buffalo Roaming Herds of Buffalo
So What C-Drain C-Drain
The Justin Wayne Show Interview with Abigail Schwerin and Michael Locati of Wee Willy’s Music Enterprise and Rockin’ The Lowboy
Discovery 2 Preview with CourtsDanny ToemanThe Meds Collective and Exhibit L
Falling Leaves Falling Leaves Exhibit L
I Still Get That Feeling Live Blood Soul Danny Toeman
These Days (Good Times) Meds Collective The Meds Collective
Princess Wretched Body EP (Released 8th July 2013 Beth Rowley
I’m Ready Not Turning Back EP Dirty Proper
Lovin’ You Don’t Pay Live At Pedernales Titty Bingo
When She Sings Animal Fair EP Little Brother Eli
No-Knock No-Knock (single) Analog Birds


See you next week with our guest Beth Rowley and Claire should return as well!