JW Show 197: Rob Fraboni and RealFeel

Jun 5, 2013 by

Rob Fraboni joins Claire and I this week to talk about his legendary career as a record producer, engineer, record label executive and tamborinist (is that how you say/spell that?) Right now he’s using his extensive knowledge and experience with sound to develop a product called RealFeel – it’s a mastering process that cures the digital sound. He’s going to tell us all about it. We will also tell you who won last month’s Top Ten and comment below on this post with your challenge ideas.


Lots to get through on today’s show, especially since the live broadcast didn’t work out this week. Luckily, the internet man is on his way over right now to replace our failing modem that we fried.

Also, this cut of the interview with Rob Fraboni here is shortened and is missing a few excellent anecdotes and some great knowledge. If you enjoy it, I recommend listening to and downloading the full interview by clicking here – an extra 45 minutes.

Correction: Pierre Massé has just informed me that he is French AND Canadian, not a French-Canadian. I think he forgave me for both of the mistakes… 😉


Rob Fraboni of Real Mastering, Master of Real Feel, Legendary Record Producer, and superniceguy.

The Show Playlist

Title Album Artist
Molded Chrome (RealFeel-ed) Molded Chrome (RealFeel-ed) The Nature of Ghosts
Intelligent Design Bon Echo Hinterlandband
Younger Every Day Younger Every Day The Del Zorros
Summer Skin Modern Dances Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
Moneybags The Case Of The Badly-Stuffed Animals (Out 29th April 2013) The Great Malarkey
Tangled State In Between Echoes (Debut EP Released June 2013) In Between Echoes
Out In The Rain Tell Em Lies EP Three Kings High
Ghost Stories Ghost Stories EP Monks of Mellonwah
Stupid Different (Released Fall 2013) Gunnar Cleemann
Adored The Thespians The Thespians
Can Stand The Rain Featuring Neville Staple The Talks The Talks
Bang Bang EP Tahiti 80
Full Circle Sacred Ground California Transit Authority
Interview: Rob Fraboni, legendary record producer and creator of RealFeel
My Mortal Enemy Entre deux, Enter Two Pierre Massé


A big thanks to Rob Fraboni – rfraboni (at) firstsound (dot) org . Get in touch with him if you’re interested in having your music mastered with RealFeel. Another thank you to Mr. Randy Combs of The Nature of Ghosts and Titty Bingo for hooking up Rob and I. You rock, my man.

Speak to you next week – hopefully live!

~JW and CR