JW Show 195: Laura Marie and Social Media

May 23, 2013 by

Laura Marie joins us to contribute her view on our conversation about “real” independent music from her perspective as an artist harnessing the power of social media. She’ll also play us some selections from her new album, The Season. Laura shared some really personal, touching sentiments about her music and the new album – I highly suggest you listen to this interview.


Contest for Analog Birds album! There’s one set aside for the podcast too so listen to that segment and email your answer in. (my apologies to Tim, Asa and the band as I made a few live goofs on the show and corrected myself later. We really like their music.)

And go vote for your favourite three tunes in this month’s Top Ten!


Laura Marie – get her new album, The Season.

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Sung To Me Sung To Me Rainbow Fresh
That Look Of Love Good Company The Del Zorros
No-Knock No-Knock (single) Analog Birds
Victory Victory Sasha Papernik
Wasted OneGirlOneBoy OneGirlOneBoy
Empty Out Your Mind Empty Out Your Mind Myloe
No-Knock No-Knock (single) Analog Birds
Female Robbery Free Single on Soundcloud The Neighbourhood
Victory Victory Sasha Papernik
Empty Out Your Mind Empty Out Your Mind Myloe
Wasted OneGirlOneBoy OneGirlOneBoy
Who Are You Luke Ferre EP Luke Ferre
Interview with special guest Laura Marie
Everyone Gets Lonely The Season Laura Marie
We Are Liars The Season Laura Marie
Dark Horse The Season Laura Marie
Break Down The Walls Lost and Broken (Released 17 August 2013) Armatage Shanks


See you next week – Claire will be doing the show on her lonesome so join her in the chat room!