JW Show 192: Nick Tann Joins the Discussion

May 4, 2013 by

Nick Tann joined the discussion about independent music this week bringing his own music, plays live on the air for us and plays us a few artists from his podcast, Is This Thing On. (Spoiler alert: it is.) Claire and I hash out with the penalty will be for whomever’s song isn’t picked at the top of our April Top Ten and the brand new chatroom facilitates lots of great discussion. So good in fact, we had a little chatroom afterparty.


Listen to (and download if you like) the chatroom afterparty here.


Nick Tann

Title Album Artist
We Had It All Images of Youth Presley Johnson
Don’t You Be Too Cool The Deadline Shakes The Deadline Shakes
Not Turning Back Just Feel Love EP Dirty Proper
Too Late Opera of love These Reigning Days
Crazy Momma Nick Tann Nick Tann
Know Me Well Blue and Bordeaux Blue and Bordeaux
We Are Liars The Season Laura Marie
Joke Is On Me Darker Things Fashion Week
Sugar and Mess April Maybe May April Maybe May
Take Whats Mine Bela Takes Chase Bela Takes Chase
Push and Pull King Never King Never
Interview with Nick Tann
The Day After The Night Before Bought Online Nick Tann
3:00 AM Bought Online Nick Tann
Don’t (demo) Nick Tann Demos Nick Tann
It’s the after party…
Just Feel Love Just Feel Love EP Dirty Proper
10 HARD RAIN The Season Laura Marie
A Day at the Doctor Disk 2 Paul Stokes


See you next week with Grayson and Claire