JW Show 191: The Carnabys, Discovery 2 and our Top 10 Songs for April

Apr 24, 2013 by

Claire Rozario is our new Producer / Presenter on the show and we have been building a little informal Top Ten List for the month of April. We’re each taking half – playing you five songs – and asking for you to vote on your favorite. Yes, bands can get their fans to vote – just vote! We’ve also got our Discovery 2 preview for Thursday’s gig as well as an interview with London band The Carnabys. It’s a packed show, and we will be releasing both the Discovery 2 preview and our interview with The Carnabys as separate segments.

Vote in the right sidebar for your favourite three songs from our top 10 or head to the voting page.


Woven Bird


The Playlist

See you next week!