JW Show 186: Robin Barrett and Francesca of Amycanbe

Mar 20, 2013 by

Two special guests on today’s show made this little indie music radio broadcaster very happy, indeed. You’ll hear my interview with Robin Barrett from the Walla Walla Guitar Festival in the first half, accompanied by festival music from Dakota Brown BandCoyote Kings with Mush, The Wasteland Kings and Kevin Selfe and the Tornadoes.

The second half of the show features my interview with the absolutely lovely Francesca of the Italian band Amycanbe, and she took us from their first EP to their latest single release.

I’ll be posting my full interview with Robin as well as the Francesca/Amycanbe interview on it’s own later in the week. Subscribe with your email in the sidebar of the webpage and you’ll get it first.

A big special thanks to Photography by Tammy Laramore – she got some great shots at the Walla Walla Guitar Festival and we’ll be showing off a few more later this week. Check out this one of Randy Oxford of the Randy Oxford Band blowing hard! (I’ve been dying to say that.)


The Randy Oxford Band blowing HARD at the Walla Walla Guitar Festival (Photography by Tammy Laramore)

Title Album Artist
This Giant Awoke This Giant Awoke Andy Stone
Space Girl Invitation Matthew Heller
Solitary Thinker Solitary Thinker – Single Common Tongues
Little Gina (Swamp Beat Burlesque) Little Gina (Swamp Beat Burlesque) Rattlin Bone
Duct Tape On My Soul Long Walk Home Kevin Selfe and the Tornadoes
Interview with Robin Barrett from the Walla Walla Guitar Festival
Selfless Find Your Way EP Dakota Brown Band
Nasty Habits Nasty Habits & Dirty Little Secrets Coyote Kings with Mush
Ol’ Reb Wasteland Kings Wasteland Kings
Bang on the Money Rabble Rock Radio Stone Pony
Mall Of America My Side Hurts John Mclellan
Your Mother One, For Words Keston Cobblers Club
Interview with Francesca of Amycanbe
Everywhere The World Is Round Amycanbe
Rose is a Rose The World Is Round Amycanbe
Truth Be Told Mountain Whales Amycanbe
Gettin Rid of You Homegrown in Oregon Lady Sullen
Sugarcoating (Acoustic) [Bonus Track] Sugarcoating (Deluxe Version) Martin Sexton
We Live Together Sound Of My Letter Rainbow Fresh
Games with the Devil Games with the Devil (7th Mar 2011) The Quails
Scary Proposition Nasty Habits & Dirty Little Secrets Coyote Kings with Mush
History Wasteland Kings Wasteland Kings


See you next week.