JW Show 179: Live Again with All New Music

Jan 30, 2013 by

It’s our first live show since November and we had a lot of people listening in live, thanks for stopping by! (Don’t worry, we still love you all of you podcast listeners.) This show is packed with at set of completely new-to-the-show tunes including The Glass Child, Roaming Herds of Buffalo, Jordan Velez, Anam Cara Dixon, Amber Ladd and plenty more. Oh, and because the great Swedish PR group Birds Will Sing For You sent us so much great stuff, we did a little feature about them with six of their artists.

We’ve also unofficially announced the 5 year birthday best (yes, we’ve now been around for five years) and welcome song and artist submissions from YOU listeners. Send your nominations to my email jw (at) thejustinwayneshow.com and I will begin building the list. I’ll do something more official next week.

Title Album Artist
Letdown I’d Like to Remain a Mystery The Glass Child
Coffins Roaming Herds of Buffalo Roaming Herds of Buffalo
Song For Dolly 12 Dinah Thorpe & The Five White Guys
Clock Stands Still These Beads are Blue Josefina Sanner
The Ego Song The Slytest The Slytest
Mountains Define You Single Frida Selander
Half Inch Map The Machine Stops Brittsommar
The Last Place Rather Be Singing Than Thinking Gus By Heart
The Storm The Storm single The Centerfolds
Asleep With the Devil Stories Jordan Velez
Norway Norway The Bright Road
Press or Say Three (Your Call is Important to Us) Something Fierce Marian Call
Acid Trip STL LOUD Vol. 4: Pride For Our City Ellen The Felon and The Mattronome
Dark Sky City Blues In Between the Blue Anam Cara Dixon
When The Angels Call Your Time When The Angels Call Your Time Wily Bo Walker
You’re So Complicated You’re So Complicated single Karl Golden
Feel Like This A New Level of Neon The Carrions
What I Believe it Amber Ladd
Zero Zero Wilson Quick
My Dad’s a Smith’s Fan Emily Capell Emily Capell
The Magician Part 1 Circle Circle
Deadlock Boom Photo Electric
Scene From A Science Fictional Love Story Scene From A Science Fictional Love Story single The Fiery Piano
Goose Step Noose Tie Read Between The Lines… Think Outside Of Them TSIGOTI



Marian Call

See you next week, live again!


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