JW Show 177: Chris from Canada and now Insomnia Radio Canada

Nov 28, 2012 by

This week Chris from Canada is now Chris from Insomnia Radio Canada!  We give her high props and she does me a solid this week by taking over the show once again.  She’s got some great music from the likes of The Rosy Red, Al Wood and the Woodmen, Persist and lots more.

Daniel Bryant

The Rosy Red
Song: Cavin’ In
Al Wood and the Woodsmen
Song: Find Me a River (album Right on Cue)
Song: Shake (album Mood Swingin’ Blues)
From: Ottawa Ontario
Band: Brad Sucks
Song: Making Me Nervous
From: Ottawa Ontario
Band: Persist
Song: The Daze
From: Guelph, ON
Band: L Train
Songs: Heavy and Bipolar

From: New York City
Band: Madness of the Night
Song: The State of Madness
From: Sweden
Band: Ophelia Syndrome
Song: Passing Time
From: Hamilton, Cambridge & Toronto Ontario
Artist: Ali Bartlett
Song: Alright by me (reprise)
From Hamilton Ontario
Band: Daniel Bryant
Song: Your Eyes
From: London Ontario
Band: The Autumn Portrait
Song: Tired Love
From: Toronto ON
Band: The Monarch Project
Song: Desire
From: Hamilton Ontaio
Band: Dive
Song: Fall Away
From: New Jersey and Philadelphia
Band: Heather Dale
Song: Crashing Down – The Hidden Path
Song: Choose – Perpetual gift CD
Song: The Road to Santiago – The Hidden Path
Song: Fortune – Fairytale
From: Toronto ON
And Chris’ information so you can find out more about her too!
Chris from Canada
Twitter: @creativlycls
Chris’ new podcast…
IR Canada
Twitter: @IR_Canada