JW Show 176: Harris On Music

Nov 14, 2012 by

Tons of great brand new tunes to the show aired this week as well as our first chat with Pete Harris of Harris on Music. ¬†He’ll be joining us every month to share some of the tracks from his music blog and sharing his independent music wisdom with us.


Pete Harris from harris-on-music.com

Title Album Artist
The Extortionist The Spotless Mind Icarus The Owl
Take a Breath Simple Day Simple Day
It Might Be Honeymilk Honeymilk
Days Dont Get Me Far Enough Away The Lights The Lights
Easy Don’t Forget to Breathe Bus Stop Dreams
September September Sound on Film
January Blues Single The Lights
Return Of The Prodigal Son Prayers And Idle Chatter The Mickey Finns
Blissful Cessation Blissful Cessation Zelda and the Unibrows
Brain in a Jar What it is, and how did it get in there? These Curious Thoughts
Killer and Sin Lockstar Dylan Lock
Back to the Start Heartbeats Sessions Vanity Box
Send the Boats Sebastopal Sebastopol
Tales Of The Blindinly Obvious Tales Mini EP Mostly
Interview with Pete Harris of harris-on-music.com
Rockstar A Great Big World A Great Big World
Better Than Me Come Get Some Breaking Laces
Song For Dolly 12 Dinah Thorpe & The Five White Guys
Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite Lovers and Prophets Antonia Vai
Running Lights  (Denial) The Five Stages EP Skittish
Ugly Dirty Ugly Dirty The Jelly Project
Musicians Gold Motel Gold Motel
desire for more Ever Decreasing Circles Juey
Dance On The Record Grooves Director’s Notes Emily Wolfe
Letting It All Go Another Time Sonnet Cottage


See you next week!



  1. Thanks for the airtime dude!

  2. Great music deserves to be given airtime, glad we could oblige.