JW Show 175: Autumn Storms and Voting Swarms

Nov 6, 2012 by

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all those who have been affected by superstorm Sandy and we hope that this week’s show can provide a little solace.  We’re doing what we do best – playing lots of independent music and I did end up chatting a bit about both the superstorm and our imminent election which will finally be taking place and done.  There’s music in here from the likes of David Goo, Titty Bingo, Blacktooth, Van Susans, and all other sorts of rocking tunes.  Go vote and stay safe!


Titty Bingo rockin’ out

Title Album Artist
World Domination World Domination David Goo Variety Band
Chosen Ones Share Junebug
Just Enough Just Enough single Blacktooth
going out west Concrete Class The Lonely H
Forever. Whatever. Goodbye. Two Crown King Two Crown King
Parking Lot Trance Sick of it All Leaving Venus
Bricks not Sticks or Straw Paused In The Moment Van Susans
Poison Poison Kotki Dwa
Puppies n’ Kittens Sam Squared Sam Squared
Loving You Don’t Pay Titty Bingo V  Boogaloo Blues Titty Bingo
Feathers Paint Them Silver Pareto
Photograph Delivered Yours Til Death
Relic Relic Matt Stevens
San Francisco This World Fair This World Fair
Dream (radio edit) Words Loftdaddy
Take Your Medicine Red Light Rabbit The Quick and Easy Boys
Hold My Hand Natasha Davies Natasha Davies
81 Dreams Become Who You Are Holiday Mountain
Bi-Pola Just Let Go The Nameless Girl
World Machine Superhero Sierra Alpha
Lights The Rails The Rails
Wrecking Ball Almanac The Nadas
The World Needs Bartenders  (Acceptance) The Five Stages EP Skittish
Irritated Shadow Irritated Shadow Wily Bo Walker and Amir Ben-Haim
Smoke Signals Trades Trades
Angel Of London Crazy Beautiful Tensheds


See you next week, go vote!