JW Show 171: Chris Takes Over and September Discovery 2 Preview

Sep 24, 2012 by

Chris from Canada joins the show again to take over whilst I am touring around the pacific northwest looking for a place to park ourselves in the USA.  Also, Umong joins me to talk Discovery 2 in our first transatlantic linkup with many more to follow.

AUDIO FOR SHOW UPDATED Tuesday, 25th Sept at 6pm GMT.  Apologies to those who downloaded the first version which was a techy trainwreck!


The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson

Discovery 2 artists and songs played:

Chris from Canada’s segment:

Whiskey Bards are:

  • Jonathan Hopf
  • Stephen Hoogerwerf
  • Christopher Lyon
  • Nevin Phull

Cancer Killing Gemini

From Boston, MA.

  • Eric Michael Cohen – vocals, songwriting
  • Andrew Padua – bass
  • Max Butler – keyboards
  • Chuck Pukmel – guitars
  • Frank Hegyi – drums

Rehearsed Living

From Sheffield, UK.

Formed on February 14, 2005 in Rome, Italy.
Within months of creating a MySpace account in 2005, Belladonna became the most played Italian band on MySpace next to Lacuna Coil.
Current members
  • Luana Caraffa – Vocals
  • Dani Macchi – Guitar
  • Licia Missori – Piano
  • Tam Scacciati – Bass
  • Mattia Mari – drums
Past members
  • Alice Pelle – Piano
  • Alex Giuliani – drums


From Cole, Hanover, United States

Bust Stop Dreams
From Stockholm, Sweden
  • Lasse Thomasson
  • Pär Berglund

This Public Life

From Melbourne Australia

Off the album, The Banquet (their debut album)

Band Members

  • Jimmy Pollock
  • Dylan Webb
  • Keith Ratnan
  • Josh Whitehead

Beat Six

From Staines, UK

Leaving Venus

From Hickory, NC, USA

Off the album Sick of it all

Band Members

  • Michael Miller
  • Chris Cornwell
  • Thomas Grell
From Stockholm, Sweden
Formed in 2006, first full length album An Act of Love and Violence, was released in 2010
The Band
  • Joel Segerstedt (vocals, guitar)
  • Thomas Meyer (bass)
  • Andreas Thunmarker (drums)
  • Markus Johansson (lead guitar)


Self described as an 8bit-rock a fusion of many different styles and music genres. Pure crunch and raw sonority of the 8bit machines uniquely blended with some modern sounds.

In Isolation

From Nottingham UK
Band Members
  • Ryan Swift – Vocals, Guitars
  • John Berry – Guitars
  • Tony Ghost – Drums

On Returning

From Tranås, Sweden.

Charlotte Erickson, “The Glass Child

From Sweden and now London
Charlotte left home at age 19, giving up everything she knew.  She started her own record label, Broken Glass Records.