JW Show 170: Rock from the Archives

Aug 23, 2012 by

With some new tunes to start off the show, we’ve got another batch of rockin’ indie tunes from the archives and we’re not afraid to play them.  Apologies, I don’t have much else to say this week, and that carries over into the show.  So, lucky you who tire of hearing me witter on.  Enjoy!


Stephanie Hamood

Title Album Artist
Fake Station Dream World Of Magic EP Fleeting Circus
Gravity in Motion Gravity in Motion Nix
Share My Bed Patchy Patchy
But Sweet Once, or Twice Julia Barry
The Sidewalk No Longer My Own Stephanie Hamood
Waiting for You EP Kalgren
Bright Red Chords Nagasha Loomis and the Lust
Come Together (feat. Andreas Lundgren) Come Together Bus Stop Dreams
Stand In Your Shoes Tear Ourselves Away LoveLikeFire
Fever Fever Single The Quails
So Unpredictable In Our Band / So Unpredictable [Single] Kentish Fire
Bots The Future’s Looking Grim Yea Big and Kid Static
Pound That Beer Eleven Eleven Mac Lethal
Digital Accordian Digital Accordian The Lovely Eggs
Love Explodes Single The Little Philistines
Miss Nothing Blindsider The Manic Shine
The Girl From Tallahassee Zalinski Zalinski
Chicago Bear’s Fight Song Rory Explains it All Rory Barton/Joe Ruffato, Jamie Rost
Trying to Love You Tonight For the Last Time Mary Leay
We Live Together Sound Of My Letter Rainbow Fresh
Swamp Groove Stars Are Out EP Monks of Mellonwah
If This Is Me Provinces EP This Wicked Tongue
Procrastination What The Funk? Stevie Hawkins
Someone’s Gonna Lose The Hired Guns The Sales Brothers
South Of The Border Dancing All Abuzz The Killer Bees
Bein’ in Love The Fish Don’t Mind Skeletons with Flesh on Them
If Only We Knew If Only We Knew EP Theo Altieri
Bricks not Sticks or Straw Paused In The Moment Van Susans
We Were The Ones 21st Century Redemption Songs Unquiet Nights
Teen Idol Night Bus or Milk Train The Scratch


Only one or two more shows left from the UK!


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  1. Unquiet Nights

    Ah, you didn’t forget us!


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