JW Show 169: The Summer is Hot

Aug 15, 2012 by

The Olympics is over and most of the Brits who have had a smile slapped across their face can go back to being sullen and whiny – which will make many of them happier anyway.  It’s London anyway, there’s not too much to be happy about if you live here!  Of course, I’m kidding (well, not really) but hopefully another batch of new tunes from the likes of Bearkat, Death Songs, Dataphiles, Lauren Harding, and Keston Cobblers Club will help a bit.  I can’t forget to tell you:  we’ve got another Podtape (that’s #4 now) to feature the shiny stuff I’ve been finding in the archives.


Bearkat and her band

Title Album Artist
Your Mother One, For Words Keston Cobblers Club
Shooting Stars Heart In A Box Lauren Harding
Nashvegas Houses on a Hill Bearkat
Opillia First Record Death Songs
Porter Large Hadron Kaleidoscope Dataphiles
The Fallout A Hope, A Thrill, A Night to Remember Craig Black
My Expertise Debate Team Wins Again Debate Team
Pistol Please Come Home Dustin Kensrue
Whatever’s Next Whatever’s Next Different Frequencies
Tiger Lily (w. EMEFE Horns) Wake The Town Flearoy
Mrs. Cooper Brooklyn Session Jonah Smith
Let’s Run Departures John Garrison
Begin Podtape #4
Solid State 11|70 Fake Teak
Real Real The Controversey (formally Laura Vall)
Paradise Dark City Life Jon Byrne and the Victims
Ulysses Ulysses Goh Nakamura
Before You Were Mine Director’s Notes Emily Wolfe
The Rain on 8th Avenue The Emergency Lane Dudley Saunders
Duck Duck Goose Country of Origin Elisabeth Blair
Now The Twenties Eric Wilson
For You and Me Inconnu The Fancy Toys
Subway Man Belly Full of Brains Jesse Alejandro and The Big Fatt
Cosmonaut HEY GIRL Giant Wow
Long Live the Clones Matt Mure Matt Mure
Now I’m Going Now I’m Going Single The Doups
The Cruel One Gold Motel EP Gold Motel
Heart Of Me Green River Ordinance Green River Ordinance
The Extortionist The Spotless Mind Icarus The Owl
Passionflower The Domestic Science Singles Series Jon Gomm


See you next week!