JW Show 167: Another Podtape and Congratulations are in Order

Aug 6, 2012 by

Yes, the Olympics have begun and so we’ve got a bunch of brand new submissions to the show as well as another podtape as my esteemed new music friend Mark F enjoyed the first one. ¬†Look for more podtapes as we go this summer.


Wily Bo Walker 'Live'

Title Album Artist
Musicians Gold Motel Gold Motel
Ugly Dirty Ugly Dirty The Jelly Project
Meredith The Palace Of Justice The Palace of Justice
Mover Shaker Robb Hill Robb Hill
Rise Many Eyes Many Eyes
Irritated Shadow Irritated Shadow Wily Bo Walker & Amir Ben-Haim
Everything’s Going To Be Fine Contrary To Popular Belief Barry Keenan
City Lights Alex Erickson Alex Erickson
Can’t Get Happy The Vinyl Project Nick Tann
Begin Podtape #2
Revelation Actions, Reactions & Misunderstandings Zalinski
If I Had A Girl Dark Room Hot Fiction
London Children Of A Factory Nation Jordan Reyne
BOMBS! BOMBS! The Helmholtz Resonators
Cop Car A Jillion Kicks Heypenny
Free Ride In A Cop Car Strange Day In Mexico The Clintons
Fireworks Paused In The Moment Van Susans
To The Backs of My Sleeves The 1930s The 1930s
Future At Last Woven Bird Woven Bird
Down To The Puget Sound Later Days Asthmaboy
Can’t go back now Can’t go back now Jenny Dinh
Out Of The Way My Side Hurts John Mclellan
gin Ever Decreasing Circles Juey
Fear Is A Feeling Fear is a Feeling EP Honey Locust
Drive Around For & Against Jana Pochop
Downtown Liquor Store Modern Day Fairy Tales Junebug
Pigfork Old Good Poor Crazy Dead (Final) The Imperial Rooster
Wrong or Right The I.D The I.D
Running Safe Return To Earth The Jefferson
Radio Radio Kiria
(You Take Me) Higher (You Take Me) Higher Lauren Housley


See you next week!