JW Show 166: Gig Preview and Canadian Music Hour

Jul 25, 2012 by

As it’s the end of the month again, we’ve got the preview for this week’s Discovery 2 show down at the AAA in Kensington, and Chris is bringing us over an hour of independent Canadian music.  This was a great show indeed, and Chris programmed over half of it, so props to her and we hope you enjoy the show.  Oh yeah, I did throw in a few tracks that I’ve recently been sent too.


Béla Takes Chase

My new tracks:

  • “Familiar” by Béla Takes Chase
  • “Beating Drums” by The Marquee
  • “That Mercy” by Herculion
  • “A Minor Waltz” by The Bribes
  • “Mean What You Don’t” by Robert Taira Wilson
  • “Cutting Ties” by Fifteen Days

Discovery 2 Preview tracks:

  • “The Start” by Alex Hulme
  • “My Baby Cry” by Lauren Housley and her band
  • “Weatherman” by Solko

Chris from Canada‘s Indie Canadian Radio Hour

  • “Prodigal Son” from the album May Queen by Heather Dale
  • “Mordred’s Lullaby” from the album Trial of Lancelot by Heather Dale
  • “Mountain” from the album The Gabriel Hounds by Heather Dale
  • “The Daze” by Persist
  • “Can You” by Persist

Persist are playing August 25th at Club 77 (77 King William St Hamilton.) $10 at the door. CD release show also featuring West Memphis Suicide & D.I.R.T. the ultimate in Alice in Chains.

  • “You Can’t Have Everything” by Chasing Eidolon
  • “Set Me Free” by Chasing Eidolon
  • “Supernova” by Chasing Eidolon
  • “Nervous” by Breaching Vista
  • “W5” by Breaching Vista
  • “No One Hears Me” by GLO
  • “Falling Into You” by GLO
  • “Please Believe Me” by Two Crown King
  • “We Get Down” by Two Crown King

Thanks once again to Chris from Canada and to you for listening.  See you next week!