JW Show 164: October Sky Discovery and Chris from Canada

Jun 27, 2012 by

It’s a Discovery 2 week this week so you’ll hear the preview for this week’s gig (on the 28th of June, head over to the Facebook page to get tickets if you want to join us.  On the preview we’re joined by Yannick from the band October Sky who are launching their new album, Aphotic Season.  They have also allowed us to play a super-exclusive acoustic single recorded live at Bar Vinyl last Sunday. We are also joined by Chris from Canada who’s got piles of great music and I might play a song or two and speak to you about about listener engagement.


October Sky

Title Album Artist
Cars and Aeroplanes The Hermit Brazil Exists
Sofia Sofia Straight Jacket Legends
Chocolate Milk ¡Dos Amigos Una Fiesta! The Two Man Gentlemen Band
Ballad of Elenaor and Bill (live) Live After Dinner on The Justin Wayne Show Pepper and Shepherd
Desire for More (live) Justin Wayne Lounge Sessions Juey
The ‘Don’t Be A Dick’ Rule World Domination David Goo
Sugarcoating Sugarcoating Martin Sexton
Undercover Undercover Jason Clarke
Fire Away Abbie Lammas Abbie Lammas
Ate the Sun Ate the Sun Mr. Gnome
Discovery 2 Preview with Yannick from October Sky
Solitary Man Finn Bonel Finn Bonel
Dark Vision Aphotic Season October Sky
Baby Blue Snowapple Snowapple
Take Two Sips Olos and the Twisted Individuals Olos and the Twisted Individuals
Angel One (Live @ Bar Vinyl) Live @ Bar Vinyl October Sky
Chris from Canada takes over again!
Once Upon a Time Curxes Curxes
Stop (One More Time Remix 2011) (ft. Jotunsjarma) ccMixter Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
Have you ever (House Mix) Have you ever (Single) BREEZELESS
Amethyst [’07 Retouch Edit] CD Single Darren Shady (Shade)
The Days of Deferme Relevant Dischord Relevant Dischord
Angry Machine Make This End Fresh Body Shop
We Get Down Two Crown King Two Crown King


See you next week,