JW Show 162: JOANovARC, Jenny D, and Another Canadian Takeover

Jun 13, 2012 by

With Shelley, Laura, and Sam joining us from JOANovARC, Jenny D joining us from Chicago, and Chris from Canada taking over half of the show it certainly made for an interesting evening of independent music.  Two interviews and one takeover.  Enjoy!

JOANovARC talks about their recent successes on Rock Band 3 and obtaining Gibson worldwide artist support at their recent appearance down in Florida at the Florida Music Conference.  They’ll be launching their next Rock Band 3 single, “Say Sayonara” at the 100 Club in London on the 22nd of June.

Jenny D explains how she’s become a small phenomenon on Youtube, her upcoming recording and album and how she’s writing her music.  We should also mention she’s the recent winner of the Lollapalooza competition which sends one promising young musician to Berklee College of Music for the summer – free!  Congratulations to her!


Photo: Jenny D – photo by Justin Le

Title Album Artist
Hangin’ Out at Brown’s Rabble Rock Radio Stone Pony
My Baby Cry One Step Closer Lauren Housley
The Future Can You Hear The Silence? Cinemawave
Like a Kid (Born Upstate) West Bound Jeremiah Vancans
Cause and Effect Symphonious7 Symphonious7
We Still Got a Flame Waiting for Willow Waiting for Willow
Above the Surface Chemicals Bang OK Bang
Interview with JOANovARC members Shelley, Laura and Sam
Sisters Beneath the Sky JOANovARC
Silver Sun Single JOANovARC
Say Sayonara Rock Band 3 Single JOANovARC
Interview with Jenny D
In A Heartbeat Jenny D Jenny D
Like I Always Do Jenny D Jenny D
Never Let Go Jenny D Jenny D
Chris from Canada takes over the show… again!
Black Satellite Ambush On All Sides Tenpenny Joke
Drop (Build Up To Something) QR Special Edition Burning Shapes
Summer Wind Silaelin Antarhes
Babylon Bridges Colossus The Monster Brothers
Next victim Bronze Bronze
Nobody’s Sweetheart Red For Ronny Ronny Cary
Take Hours In The Daze Persist
Don’t Believe Don’t Believe – Single GLO
Theme Song The Justin Wayne Show Ryan Flynn


We’ll see you next week with piles of new music to play!