JW Show 157: Alice Rock Invade the Flat

Apr 18, 2012 by

Alice Rock pile in their equipment into the flat for a rousing (and possibly neighbor disrupting) live session.  They also spoke to us about their origins, how they came to live in London (and then Colchester), the new album, drum sticks, marriage, and their new video for Model QT100 which involved painting shorts green.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

A big thanks to Mark Riley for his sterling help on the show – he’s invaluable in just about any situation!  And to my wife Jamie for sorting out dinner for everyone, teas, drinks, and for taking undue abuse from me during the show.  It has been recommended that I be nicer to her on air, and I’ve promised to take it under advisement.


Tabby and Alice of Alice Rock

Title Album Artist
Nothing’s Rooted Rabble Rock Radio Stone Pony
Dress To Kill Waves EP Charly Coombes and the New Breed
Master of Her Trade The Robbie Sea EP Robbie Sea
Model QT100 Kill or Cure Alice Rock
Lie About the Truth Live After Dinner with Justin Wayne Calvin Roche, Josh Rigal
Memories of Victory JW Lounge Sessions 10 Oct 2011 Juey
Never let go Never let go Jenny Dinh
Sleeping with the Fishes (live) JW Lounge Sessions 6 Oct 2011 David Goo
Write About It Alte Schoenhauser Alev Lenz
The Ladder The Ladder Andrew Belle
Love’s Lost Tourists Wreck And Reel Pepper & Shepherd
Ate The Sun Mr. Gnome Mr. Gnome
Copycat Square One Hollywood tramp
Heavy Director’s Notes Emily Wolfe
Live interview and performance in studio with Alice Rock
In Watermelon Sugar The Lovely Eggs The Lovely Eggs
Attitude Of Gratitude What The Funk? Stevie Hawkins
Theme Song The Justin Wayne Show Ryan Flynn


Speak to you soon – stuff will be coming down the pipe but not live again until 7th of May with Robbie Sea!