JW Show 156: From the Açores with Cowboy Cantor

Apr 17, 2012 by

Broadcasting live from the Açores island of Sao Miguel this week as a joint show with Rodrigo de Sa of Cowboy Cantor.  We only were able to do an hour due to the delicious fish being cooked by Rodrigo’s mum.  Yup, we got to meet the whole family.  We also got to hear new Stevie Hawkins and Asteroid Funk, Alice Rock, Bus Stop Dreams, Pepper and Shephard, and Rodrigo played a Portuguese band located in New York called Vovete.

It’s a pretty fun show even for an hour.  Thanks to Rodgiro, Maura, Jamie and Rodgiro’s brilliant family who were all waiting for us to finish the show so we could eat: Carolina, Sergio, Isabelle, Daniel and Alice.  We miss the Açores already.


Rodrigo and me in Maia, Sao Miguel producing the live show

  1. Artist – Song title
  2. Alice Rock – Cut Loose
  3. Stevie Hawkins – Peace Love And Happiness
  4. Bus Stop Dreams – Let Us Light A Fire (feat. Ulla Wrethagen)
  5. Worst Case – Save Myself [New Mix]
  6. Emily Wolfe – Lion Heart
  7. Tina Dico – Count to Ten
  8. Vovete – A Prayer for Good Voyage
  9. Stone Pony – Across Town
  10. Pepper & Shepherd – Isabelle
  11. Robbie Sea – Same Old Story
  12. Richie Syrett – American Mud


See you next week with Alice Rock live in the studio after dinner!

~JW and RdS

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  1. Ah, missed this one totally. Well a late thanks for spinning us. Love it.
    And as always, thanks for supporting us and all other independents artist.

    Lasse from Bus Stop Dreams