JW Show 155: Screama Ballerina, Vienna at Euro Exposure Showcase

Apr 4, 2012 by

Claire is at it again, as we hear the full interviews with Vienna and Screama Ballerina from last week’s Exposure Music European Showcase down at Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch.  We’ve also got brand new tracks from Ryan Peel, Keston Cobblers Club, Jenny Dinh, The Glass Child… it’s another packed-with-music show which you were owed after a lot of Calvin Roche and interviews last week.

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Vienna on stage at the Exposure Music European Showcase

Title Album Artist
Sacrifice Hell Isn’t My Home (UK Release) October Sky
Call it Like I See It Memphis Sound Ryan Peel
Get Dirty Innocent Explanations Alec Berlin
Heartbreaking Sight The Thomas Confession – (2011) Convolutions The Thomas Confession
Pett Level For Keston Cobblers Club
If Only We Knew If Only We Knew EP Theo Altieri
Can’t Get Happy Live in Bath, Winchester and Broadmayne Nick Tann
Can’t go back now Can’t go back now Jenny Dinh
Hypnic Jerk This Is How Ghosts Are Made The Glass Child
Good Times What The Funk? Stevie Hawkins
The Chase Fight! Fight! Fight! The History of Panic
Quicksand Signs Justin Thorne
Six Pack of Tears The Clatty Lads The Clatty Lads
Neverending Spirit Neurogenesis Monks of Mellonwah
Screama Balleriena Interview with Claire Rozario from the Exposure Music Euro Showcase
Paper Cuts Paper Cuts single Screama Ballerina
Vienna Interview with Claire Rozario from the Exposure Music Euro Showcase
Hey Man Stranger in Nowhere Land Alex Apodaca
Can I be a Star? The Art of Not Blending In Burnshee Thornside
I’ll Be Here Awake Ill Be Here Awake Arthur Yoria
Entertainer of the Year Vampire Hotel Chris Kirby
Giggle Natasha Davies Natasha Davies
Dinosaurs Happy Birthday The Burning Hell
Do The Math Later Days Asthmaboy
Dying Love Sonata CalatrilloZ CalatrilloZ
Across Town Rabble Rock Radio Stone Pony
Just Another Cliche Live After Dinner with Justin Wayne Calvin Roche, Josh Rigal
Theme Song The Justin Wayne Show Ryan Flynn


Next week we are live from the Azores, don’t miss it!

~JW and CR