JW Show 154: Calvin Roche Live after Dinner

Mar 28, 2012 by

Along with bunches of great new music from the likes of Leaving Venus, Robbie Sea, Screama Ballerina, Alice Rock, Rob Marr… the preview of Thursday’s next Discovery 2 showcase… Claire Rozario out at the Exposure European Showcase interviewing Vienna… and CALVIN ROCHE LIVE IN STUDIO.  Could you ask for anything more?  Perhaps some pizza, but then we had that too.


Calvin Roche and Josh Rigal singing after dinner

Title Album Artist
Comfortably Sick of it All Leaving Venus
The Dealer The Robbie Sea EP Robbie Sea
Paper Cuts Single Screama Ballerina
The Breeding Lady Kill or Cure Alice Rock
Fire on the Lake Unreleased Calvin Roche
Dirt Beneath Your Toes Anatomy Rob Marr
Discovery 2 Preview with Alex KW and Umong Shah
Dasies The Charlie Vaughans The Charlie Vaughans
Trying to Love You Tonight Mary Leay Mary Leay
Weatherman Solko Solko
Bouncy MootZoot MootZoot
Interview with Calvin Roche and bass player Josh Rigal
Just Another Cliche Live in studio Calvin Roche and Josh Rigal
Fly to You Live in studio Calvin Roche and Josh Rigal
Lie About the Truth Live in studio Calvin Roche and Josh Rigal
Love is a Game Unreleased Calvin Roche
Obviously Acoustic Demos Calvin Roche
Lie About the Truth Unreleased Calvin Roche


See you next week, one week before we head to Portugal to see Rodrigo!


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  1. Kevin

    Thanks for playing a song by “Leaving Venus”. We love to hear more!