JW Show 147: David Goo in the House

Oct 19, 2011 by

David Goo is in the house, and this part of the two-hour show was mostly music, but we did chat with David and Mark Riley (of the band Mostly) a bit, but mostly played music.  Pop over to David Goo’s live session we did right here in the front room – our first live session ever on the Justin Wayne Show.  We’re pretty excited about it.


David Goo and "these five other guys" (the Variey Band)

We’ve also got submissions from our most recent Tourdates Musicians Clinic where we had a few good demos come through, and also heard from Camden music solicitor (that’s a lawyer, USA) Leonard Lowy talking about the importance of legal council in these uncertain musical times in which we now live.  Check out the ten-minute video clip of the beginning of Leonard’s talk and get yourself signed up for the next Musicians Clinic about music publishing lead by JC Caddy of Fairwood Music International.

Title Album Artist
Radio Radio Kiria
Systematic Unknown Album (04/08/2011 09:06:14) Model Society
Russian Military Badges I Don’t Want To Dream The City And Horses
No Match for Genevieve No Match For Genevieve Single (March 21, 2011) The Lights
When I Believe What Are You Waiting For? The Robbie Boyd Band
World Domination World Dominaton David Goo Variety Band
Old Black Shoes Just A Glimmer RoseRed And The Butterflies
Long Live the Clones Matt Mure Matt Mure
Drane World Dominaton David Goo Variety Band
Wrong or Right The I.D The I.D
The Urgency of Nightlife and the Temptations That Come of It Nothing Broken Nothing Damaged Bad Dream Good Breakfast
So Unpredictable In Our Band / So Unpredictable [Single] Kentish Fire


Do pop over and listen to the interview and David Goo’s live session.

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