JW Show 144 – Pre Jacob Slichter Interview

Sep 28, 2011 by

Everything comes before something, and this show comes before the interview with Jacob Slichter of Semisonic.  However, we also have tracks off the new album from Matt Stevens, and brand new to the show stuff from Transmission Party, MJ Law, Jon Gomm, and Russell Morgan.  Also new to the show are these Musicians Clinic demos which are quite promising!


Jon Gomm

Title Album Artist
Relic Relic Matt Stevens
Too Close to Call We’re Just Really Excited To Be Here Countless Thousands
Sleep When I’m Dead Yesterday’s Enemy MJ Law
Passionflower The Domestic Science Singles Series Jon Gomm
Beautiful Day Surrender Russell Morgan
Arashi Achilla Achilla
Alone When Dreams Come True Neverstar
McGinty’s Decent People The Imperial Rooster
Tell Me Your Name Safe Return To Earth The Jefferson


Follow us over to the interview with Jacob Slichter of Semisonic if you fancy a masterclass on being a professional musician.