JW Show 142 Part 2: Singles

Sep 7, 2011 by

Some new singles on this show as we continue to wade through the new submissions and prepare for new subs shows and some big interviews coming up.  This half of the show features a deeper cut from Isaac’s Aircraft‘s Two is a Crowd record, one of my favourite cuts from the band Mr Twist, and one artist we haven’t played in a while, Hamlet Sweeney.


Hamlet Sweeney

Title Album Artist
Drink and Dial Mr. Twist Mr. Twist
singer Concrete Class The Lonely H
Love You Better Love You Better Single John Salamone Band
Mall Of America My Side Hurts John Mclellan
These Dreams 9-28-9 All of This Dreaming Jay Broyer
K’s Lullaby Moon J Minus
She is Moscow Two is a Crowd. Isaac’s Aircraft
The Extortionist The Spotless Mind Icarus The Owl
Pigfork Old Good Poor Crazy Dead The Imperial Rooster
I Just Want Your Body Dark Room Hot Fiction
Fork Exhale Your Blues Hannah Spiro
Jericho Hattie Snooks Hattie Snooks
Perfect Day The Powerscourt Tapes Hamlet Sweeney

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