JW Show 140 Part 2: Post Riot Tunes

Aug 17, 2011 by

This show is also packed with music, unlike the interview shows that are coming up… so get your music fix!  This side of the show has TONS of music including favorites like Los Campesinos, The Sales Brothers, Stevie and the Moon, and oldies but goodies The Apple War.  We also talk about the sad demise of a great UK band The Answering Machine and feel a bit sad about their passing.  However, I’m sure that from the pool of musical talent they came from, there will arise from the ashes a new phoenix which we’ll be onto as soon as it’s around.


Bye Bye Band! The Answering Machine calls it Quits

Title Album Artist
Wolves Wolves/Rainbows Stevie and the Moon
Buzz In Your Hive The Hired Guns The Sales Brothers
Room 304 Senadee Senadee
Old Man By Hook and By Crook Shabby Rogue
Static Waves (Feat Katie Herzig) The Ladder Andrew Belle
Mystery Girl Show Emotion – Single Angry vs the Bear
It’s Over It’s Over It’s Over Another City, Another Sorry The Answering Machine
Psycho Stepper Alarm Bell City The Apple War
Scream Scream Wake Up, Thunderbabe The Battle Royale
You! Me! Dancing! Hold On Now, Youngster Los Campesinos!
To The Sea Eyes Wide Mastered Boy
This Is A Cry For Love 1995: Never The Bride Never The Bride
Head High Left Step Band Left Step Band
We Got Everything Act So Big Forest Compilation Vol. 2: AURIEL Otem Rellik
Too Close To Hurt SugaSmak! SugaSmak!
Levy Beau and the Arrows Beau and the Arrows
Anorak Various 50ft Woman
If Your Girl Sings Loud Be Brave Auditorium
Gonna Get Better EP Master Gonna Get Better EP Amy Regan
Sunshine Dark City Life Jon Byrne & the Victims
11:11 My Side Hurts John Mclellan


If you haven’t yet, get the first half of the show which includes Isaac’s Aircraft’s new single, “Mathematics.”

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