JW Show 139 Part 2: The England Riots

Aug 10, 2011 by


The riots here in England have been a trying time for everyone and have brought up social questions such as, “Do we fund our police enough?”  or “How can we include these disenchanted young people in society?”


Enfield's windowless Ladbrokes, "Keep Smiling"

Personally, it’s been an extremely frightening time and we are very lucky to have avoided any destruction to our personal property.  Many of which were not so lucky and there are charities popping up all over supporting them.  Recharged Radio’s Facebook pagehas more information about how you can help if you wish to.

We have a show where we bring up and discuss some of the issues surrounding the riots, and I appeal to any young person who was either involved in the rioting or understands the true reasoning behind the riots to come forward for an interview on the show.  If you are one of these or know someone who may be interested, send an email to justin (at) rechargedradio.com and we’ll get the ball rolling on that.

Title Album Artist
Doctors Don’t Dance Never The Bride Never The Bride
Blue Skies Canvas Miri
Before The Devil Catches Me …Before The Devil Catches Me Juey
Piece of Mind Beneath the Sky JOANovARC
Superhero (Radio Version) Superhero The Elements
Lost Your Way Demo Blacktooth
Joey Smallwood Canada Needs You volume two Mike Ford
The Breeding Lady Kill or Cure EP Alice Rock

Pearsons' broken window and a windscreen-less police car

Part one of the show explores more of these issues and has some more pictures from post-riot Monday in Enfield that I took around town.

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