JW Show 138 Part 2: Isaac’s Aircraft and Calvin Roche

Aug 3, 2011 by

I’ve been around at a few gigs lately including Discovery 2 down at the AAA on Kensington High Road.  Bands that I’ve seen are included in this week’s show include Jordan Reyne, Zodiac N Black, Isaac’s Aircraft, Beau and the Arrows and The Left Step Band.


Calvin Roche

Title Album Artist
Saw You In Two (demo) Woven Bird
Lovers Lane Danny Pape Danny Pape
I Hope You Come to Stay Calvin Roche
Levy Beau and the Arrows
Power Cords All the Other Animals Skeletons with Flesh on Them
Happy SELLOUT The Clintons
Head High Left Step Band
Mr Mandela Trenton and Free Radical
Get Set Free El Mundo Latino Via Dove
Poetry In Poltergiests Cozzi Sessions Trevor Larkin
Home To Austin Titty Bingo Volume III Titty Bingo
Juicy Lucy Volume IV Titty Bingo
Flood Flood Sessions Dead Town Radio
Homely Crackle FF 2010 The Scratch


If you haven’t grabbed the first have of the show… do!