JW Show 137 Part 2: [dweeb] and Discovery 2

Jul 27, 2011 by

This exciting half of the show includes another interview from [dweeb] frontman Tim Alford and our monthly Discovery 2 gig night feature with Alex KW.


Title Album Artist
Discovery 2 Feature with Alex KW
Fear For You Calvin Roche
Wait (I run too slow) Children of a Factory Nation Jordan Reyne
Head High Left Step Band
Levy Beau and the Arrows
Dynamite Feels Like Dynamite [dweeb]
Interview with Tim Alford from [dweeb]
My New Hero My New Hero – Single [dweeb]

Grab the first half of the show with Kaz Simmons and the new song from our Montana friends The Clintons which you can download free from their website.  Oh!  Nearly forgot about their wonderful video they’ve done (also on the page of this show’s part 1…)