JW Show 136 Part 2: Auditorium’s ‘Be Brave’ Omnibus with Spencer J Berger

Jul 6, 2011 by

It’s new feature time… our first ALBUM OMNIBUS (get on the bus!)  We play the entire album “Be Brave” by Auditorium AND speak to Spencer J Berger, singer/songwriter of the project and find out more about the songs, the band, the meanings, and the stories.  Spencer also wanted me to tell you, “Want 4 Free Songs?  Email bebravemusic [at] gmail.com, and we’ll send ‘em your way.”bebrave-auditorium

Spencer was a fantastic guest and shared many golden nuggets about the band and the songs… certainly a must-listen for anyone who’s a fan of the band.  And if you’re not, you will be. 😉

Listen to the show here…


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The playlist of the show (and album, consequently.)

  1. Be Brave


    Spencer J Berger of Auditorium

  2. Sunday
  3. I’m the Enforcer
  4. If Your Girl Sings Loud
  5. Saturday Soldier
  6. The Beat of the Box
  7. New York Sky
  8. All Your Days
  9. Oh, My Desperate Soul
  10. Girls Will Love Your Lips
  11. Beautiful Things
  12. The Owl
  13. One Time Never Hurts
  14. Smile

Auditorium play the Be Brave Album launch in January