JW Show 136 Part 1: Jill Jackson and Caz Coronel

Jul 6, 2011 by

Can you believe how many interviews we did at the GOGO Festival?  These are the final two and these two certainly are last but not least.  Caz Coronel is a DJ known all around London and the world, and spent some time with us at the festival along with another world renowned musical artist, Jill Jackson.


DJ Tent at GOGO

The second half is taken up by a new feature… ALBUM OMNIBUS (get on the bus!)  We play the entire album “Be Brave” by Auditorium AND speak to Spencer J Berger, singer/songwriter of the project and find out more about the songs, the band, the meanings, and the stories.  It’s gonna be fun!

And yes, I’m still working on the tagline :P.

  • Song: 24 Hours by Terry Poison
  • Interview with Jill Jackson
  • Song: Nero by Little Tybee
  • Song: 3 Miles by The Answering Machine
  • Song: To The Sea by Boy
  • Song: All The Laughter by Res
  • Song: The Light (Live at Actor’s Express) by Paul Warner
  • Interview with Caz Coronel
  • Cops and Robbers by Christina Coronel

Make sure you hit up the second half of the show for the omnibus of Auditorium’s Be Brave with Spencer J Berger as our special guest.