JW Show 134 Part 2: Live at GOGO Festival 2011

Jun 22, 2011 by

The second-half of this week’s show also introduces our brand new intern-turned-producer Remidee.  She’s an artist herself, but came along to aid Mumin and myself in the quest for interviews and did so amazingly well she bounced up the Recharged Radio ladder to Producer.


Deejay Mumin and Remidee in the Recharged Radio tent at GOGO Festival

Now I just have to teach her how to turn the knobs on the sound desk and she’ll be off and running.

We interviewed artists including Heather Peace, Never the Bride, Jill Jackson, Christina Coronel, Juey, Zemmy, Greymatter and Christina Novelli over the weekend, and here’s the list of interviews and tunes on this particular portion of the show.


Here’s how this part of the show goes:

  • Song: Love Me Please by Neon Choir
  • Interview: Sandra of the new Channel 5 series “Candy Bar Girls”
  • Song: The Liberty by I am Harlequin
  • Interview: Becky, GOGO Festival Boss
  • Song: Deny by Caroline Gilmour
  • Interview: Alexia and the Treetops
  • Song: Dance with Me by Alexia and the Treetops
  • Interview: Juey
  • Song: Memories of Victory by Juey
  • Interview: Zemmy

Don’t miss the first half of the show with Red n Pink, Christina Novelli, Alexia and the Treetops, and organiser of the GOGO Festival, Becky.

And don’t forget there’s more GOGO Festival interviews and music where this came from next week – same time, same place!