JW Show 134 Part 1: Live at GOGO Festival 2011

Jun 22, 2011 by

The first of two shows PACKED with tunes and interviews LIVE at GOGO Festival this year, as we did 18 interviews backstage we’re going to be bringing those to you in the next few weeks.  Artists including Heather Peace, Never the Bride, Jill Jackson, Christina Coronel, Juey, Zemmy, Greymatter, Christina Novelli… the list goes on.


Mainstage at the GOGO Festival 2011

We are going to be doing all of these interviews along with the music in two weeks, (which makes 4 parts, as each week has two parts.)  That’s because we got TONS of great material speaking to lots of interesting independent women just behind the backstage area at the Festival.


This week’s show goes like this:

  • Song: Piece of Mind by JOANovARC
  • Song: 17 by Midas Fall
  • Interview: Red N Pink
  • Song: To The Sea by Boy
  • Interview: Christina Novelli
  • Song: Everything Must Go by The Locals
  • Interview: Terry Poison
  • Song: Casual Boys by Terry Poison
  • Interview: Betty
  • Song: Did You Tell Her by Betty

That’s the first hour, when you’re done with that pop over to the second hour of this week’s show which includes interviews and music from Sandra of the new Channel 5 series “Candy Bar Girls,” I am Harlequin, festival organiser Becky, Caroline Gilmour, Alexia and the Treetops and Zemmy.

And don’t forget there’s more where this came from next week – same time, same place!