JW Show 130 Pt 2: Remission

May 25, 2011 by

Again, congratulations to my Dad who is now officially in remission with his non-hodgekins lymphoma.  I patched in a few pictures of natural killer cells attacking cancer cells, which is the treatment that ended up working for him (the four different types of chemo didn’t put a dent in the stuff.)  Some of Dad’s favourite music is on this week’s show to celebrate including Los Campesinos, The Elements, Jespa, Junebug, The Lonely H, and Auditorium.

Title Album Artist
the river Concrete Class The Lonely H
Poet (Who Didn’t Know It) Share Junebug
Welcome To Your Love This Is It Andy Stone
Multiply Doom, In Full Bloom (Deluxe Version) Death Valley High
Settle Up Live at the Abbey March 2011 Jespa
Isobelle New EP Jespa
11:11 My Side Hurts John Mclellan
Fools Rush In House Of Cards Emily Baker
Bottom of the Well Christina Coronell Christina Coronel
Four Letter Words The Four Letter Words EP Buffalo Gospel
One Time Never Hurts Be Brave Auditorium

Two Natural Killer Cells Attack a Cancer Cell - thanks to Eye of Science/Photo Researchers Inc.

Thanks again!  Make sure to grab the first half of the show if you haven’t already.