JW Show 130 Pt 1: Remission

May 25, 2011 by

Dedicated to my Dad, this show is full of artists and tunes he likes including the band The King and the Thief, formally known as Now and Forever, as well as music from Los Campesinos, The Elements, Jespa, Junebug, The Lonely H, and Auditorium.  We also talk about the upcoming festival coverage of the GOGO Festival in Kent, and other jovial topics too!  Congrats Dad for being in remission!

Title Album Artist
Give Me The Ball A Jillion Kicks Heypenny
The Promised Land Eyes Wide Mastered Boy
Take Me All The Way 1st Tale El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
The Blacksmith Of Wounds And Blessings King and the Thief
LOST YOUR WAY Dunders mix Blacktooth
You! Me! Dancing! Hold On Now, Youngster Los Campesinos!
Bursts of Static Mother’s Ruin EP Bordeauxxx
Sunshine Dark City Life Jon Byrne & the Victims
Beneath the Sky Beneath the Sky JOANovARC
Johnny & the Sea Children of a Factory Nation Jordan Reyne
Superhero Superhero The Elements

NK Cells Fighting Cancer Cells (what Dad went through) - Diagram thanks to the National Cancer Institute

Grab the second half of the show as well.