JW Show 128 Part 2 – Curated by Billy

Apr 13, 2011 by

Justin’s podcast has been a joy in my travels and listening to indie rock is one of the musical genres that keeps the music spark alive in me. As I connected with Justin as he has said in a previous podcast, he asked me to help curate a show. The tracks today are some of my favorites and are intended to be representative of the many great artists that The Justin Wayne Show presents every week. –Billy, Show 128’s Curator



  1. Zalinski – Apology to the Feminine
  2. Junebug – Modern Day Fairy Tales
  3. Robert Batley – Dragging Heels (through Bexley’s Battlefields)
  4. Natasha Davies – Giggle
  5. Jespa – Orla
  6. The Little Philistines – She’s My Food
  7. Nick Tann – How Do You Sleep?
  8. Blacktooth – LC
  9. Pareto – Nothing Major
  10. The Sales Brothers – Goddamn Payments (Live at the Starwood 1979)
  11. The Nadas – Long Goodbye
  12. Cinemawave (formally Projekt) – Ocean Passage


To all service women and men, thank you for your service. Regardless of political points of view, service members sacrifice a lot of personal time and we get to enjoy many freedoms as a result of their personal sacrifices. I would rather see a world where military was not used, however, the next time that you see a service person from your country in your travels, please stop to say thank you for your service.
Justin and Jamie, thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifices in bringing to people great indie music. The next time that you both make it to California, the pints are on me. Until then, cheers and thank you. –Billy, Our Curator
And a big THANKS to Billy for his hard work in compiling this week’s list of tunes – a fantastic show at that.  Thank you to him and to you out there who share Billy’s passion for new music and support this show and shows like it.  Independent music wouldn’t happen without you, let yourselves be heard.
If you want to curate a show, part of a show, or just put three songs together please drop me a line jw (at) thejustinwayneshow.com and we’ll go from there, yeah?  Great stuff, indeed.  Don’t forget to listen to the first half of the show if you haven’t yet.